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  • Medina - Geometry

    Cement tiles with geometrical shapes and lines.

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    Designed by the Ramacieri Soligo team and handmade in Morocco, the collection echoes classic Eastern and geometric patterns. The new tiles are designed for maximum versatility and freedom of placement; they alternate between floral, geometric and solid patterns in shades of grey, black, aquamarine, ecru and soft green.

    Medina cement tiles, available in squares and hexagons, can be laid on walls or floors in residential or commercial settings. (However, they are not suitable for outdoors or showers.)

    With some 20 new models of tiles, it is possible to create countless effects based on strong or gentle contrasts, for a unique look. The result: it’s easy and fun to customize a space, and now there are infinite ways to do it.

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    Tones of gray | Clear blue | Navy


    Cement tiles | Handmade





    Frozen resistant // Eco-responsible

    No // No


    8" x 8"


    19 mm

    Price / piece


    Price / feet²


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