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    5 Places to Escape Winter

    This week, we propose five cozy and exotic places whe you can go to forget about winter for a few hours.

    1. September Surf Café - Once inside this cool and relax café in Little-Burgundy, we feel just like if were at Venice Beach. Even if you've never set foot on a surf board. The warmth of the materials like the wood and the brick offer an ideal environment pour sip on your mocha coffee in your flip-flops (if you feel like it). Besides being a Californian style coffee shop, it is also a studio for making surf boards. You can create your own custom design board!

    2471 Notre-Dame W., Montreal.

    2. Parvis Café - This café in downtown Montreal behind the St-James church has been designed by Zébulon Perron. Parvis Café, a café-bistro, is quite inviting with its big windows, suspended plants and its plastered wall with faded green paint, offering a laid back look. The menu here changes every week!

    433, rue Mayor, Montreal. Photo credit #1: Tastet,

    3. LOV - Local, organic, veggie. This new restaurant 90% vegan and 100% vegetarian in Old Montreal has a chic bohemian atmosphere. The designers Jacinthe Piotte and Jean-Pierre Viau have created a convivial, inspirational and fresh place in the image of the menu. With a primarily white and wooden decor, the green touches bring in a Spring-like effect which warms up the soul during your meal. You will have peace of mind since everything on the menu is organic and local. Treat yourself!

    4. The Emerald - Here is another little gem in Montreal to finish the day. Located on Parc avenue in the Mile End, this bar is known as "the bar with no name". You will find this place either with the address or by the big tropical plants placed in the window inviting you in this exotic interior. As soon as you enter, you'll be charmed by the simplicity and lightness of this Cuban-inspired location. However, it is in the second part of the bar situated at the back where the design transforms into a more felted and enveloping design creating a comfortable laid-back atmosphere worthy of a Moroccan riad. This is not the place to order a Tequila Sunrise, instead you order classic drinks such as a Gin Martini, Ernest Hemingway's favourite. If you're lucky, maybe the Persian musician will be there playing his Qanun!

    5295, Parc ave, Montreal.

    5. Westmount Conservatory - Definitely our favourite spot to discover! The Westmount Conservatory is a fantastic place to contemplate safely indoors the tropical life of plants and flowers which grow in peace in the greenhouse. Choose a bench and rest to admire the gardens of orchids or birds of paradise.This architectural jewel built in 1927, inspired by the British greenhouse era of the 19th century, will charm you from your first visit. Completely renovated by the architectural firm Beaupré & Michaud in 2004, the Westmount Conservatory is part of Montreal's heritage. Discover it!

    4624 Sherbrooke W., Montreal. Photo credit #2: Mélanie Guilbault,

    Crédit: Bronfman Saidye Centre, Crédit:

    In the news

    Phyllis Lambert: The Joan of Architecture

    To celebrate Phyllis Lambert's 90th anniversary, the Centre of Canadian Architecture (CCA) has organized a display of her work which will be showcased until June 4th. Phyllis Lambert, born Bronfman, began her career as an architect along side the great Mies Van der Rohe. Together, they worked on the Seagram Building in New York and Toronto-Dominion Center. This inspiring woman born in Montreal in 1927 has more than 75 years of work experience and architecture research. Still active today, she never tires of militating for architectural heritage and working with the built environment.

    Known worldwide for her implication in the advancement of architecture, Phyllis Lambert is also a great philanthropist who founded Montreal Heritage in 1975 and created the Fonds de l'investissement de Montréal (FIM) in 1996, the first and only private investment funds which aims to revitalize low-income neighbourhoods.

    Montreal's CCA is an exhibition center, a place for research and reflection, a studying and discovery center of architecture. Phyllis Lambert, who founded CCA in 1979 said this about the center: "We are not a museum which exposes objects and declares "This is architecture". We are trying to make people think". This is the perfect time to discover the place and the woman!


    Montauk - the slate that impresses

    In the last few years, we can observe a return to certain fundamental values such as simplicity and authenticity. This translates among other things as a healthy diet, making more humanitary and environmentally friendly decisions to minimize our impact on Earth.

    In interior design, this current expresses inself in the return to natural materials, like linen and cotton, stone and marble. In this sense, black slate remains a sober and timeless choice and agrees with any modern or rustic design.

    New sizes of the Montauk are now available at Ramacieri Soligo such as 10x40 cm or 5x20 cm. We have also introduced some pre-cut herringbone sizes allowing for more dynamic layouts. The black Montauk from Brazil can be installed on walls and floors, in residential or commercial projects. For a warmer and richer look, an enhancing sealant is added which deepens the colour and helps at the same time to protect the surface agaist stains and wear. Choosing the Montauk slate never fails to impress!

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    You need ideas to occupy the young and the big during the holidays? Go play outside!

    If your feet are not yet in warm sand, then you are most probably staying in Quebec during the holidays. We propose you ideas of original activities outside of Montreal. Be like a tourist in your own country and borrow a friend's car, rent a Communauto or leave with a group in your own car!


    Oka Park - - Less than an hour from Montreal, the Oka Park has 35 km of cross country ski tracks, of walking paths and even a winter camping site offered by SÉPAQ. Discover evening guided snowshoeing with a tasting of local products at the top of Mount Calvaire. We bet it will be a first!

    Centre d'activités nature Kanatha-Aki - - Live the Algonquin culture. Take a dog-sled ride through the forest and try ice fishing. At the end of the day, relax at the new massage centre and sip some balsam fir infused tea.

    Domaine de la forêt perdue - - You enjoy skating but are tired of turning in circles? The Domaine de la forêt perdue has many ice paths in the forest which you can enjoy in the daytime or in the evening. Finish the day with some hot chocolate.


    Sagamité Restaurant - - Situated in Wendake, 15 km north of Quebec city, this now renowned restaurant offers a Native American gastronomy, specific to the Wendats. Discover the traditional Yatista (fire) dishes which are symbolic to the traditional reunions and discussions done around a fire.

    SÉPAQ Yurts - - Discover the nomad life by staying in a yurt with family or friends. The network now has twenty-five yurts which some can be rented year round.

    Sainte-Anne Canyon - – This canyon hides an imposing fall and some suspended bridges. However, only the via ferrata, the cable walikng is available in winter to experience strong sensations.


    The National Pak of Mont-Mégantic - - The park's slogan "From the earth to the stars". The ASTROLab offers organized astronomy nights at the Velan Observatory to observe the stars. You can even take an evening hike on snowshoes by torchlight.

    Haut Bois Normand - - The longest snow slides of the Eastern Townships! Four slides each 1500 feet long with fast, heated lifts.

    Aux Tipis de la Rivière Sauvage - – In a 100$ a night rustic tipi, live an out of the ordinary experience. The tipis are heated and are fully equipped to prepare food. Enjoy an outdoor fire camp and even a winter BBQ amongst family and friends!


    Arbraska - – The Laflèche Park in OUtaouais is open all winter long. Descend a 470 feet long tyrolean over the snowy trees and follow with a guided visit of the Canadian Shield Caverns with more than 20,000 years of history!

    Gatineau Park - This park has one of the biggest networks for cross-country skiing in North America with more than 200 km of ploughed tracks. Oxygenate your lungs in a wide choice of walking or snowshoeing trails. If you are a little more adventurous, you can try out some winter camping!

    L'Orée du Bois Restaurant- - This restaurant in Chelsea, in Outaouais, is strategically located near the Gatineau Park so you can warm up and treat yourself after a day of skiing. Jean-Claude Chartrand, chef and owner of this gourmet restaurant, prepares seasonal meals with products from the region. Taste also carefully prepared meat and salmon in the smoker. It is an experience not to be missed!

    To relax after this winter activity, go to one of the Nordic spas, all over Quebe ( Ramacieri Soligo wishes you wonderful holidays filled with love and joy ... and especially the rosy cheeks!

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    Top 10 Shops for All Your Christmas Gifts

    During this holiday season, it is customary to finish the year by showing our appreciation to our loved ones. To the ones that have been there for us, close or far, throughout the year. Maybe this year you decided to do things a little different and give a more personalized or ecological or locally made gift, or maybe you simply would like to stay away from the big shopping centres. We have personally selected ten inspiring Montreal shops so that you can find those little treasures for your beloved ones.

    1. The Pepin Shop - (St-Paul street in Old Montreal)
    Here, we encourage local creation and sustainable production. From home products to clothes and art items, you will find many gift ideas already wrapped up. At Pepin Shop, the products are carefully selected for their originality.

    2. Jamais Assez - (St-Laurent blvd. in Mile-End)
    This boutique offers very exclusive designers objects and furniture. All the products for the home are by renowned local and international designers.

    3. Bélanger Martin - offers us two general stores on St-Laurent boulevard and on St-Zotique street filled with clothes and fashion accessories, as well as home decor. The Bélanger Martin team share all their favourite finds.

    4. Gourmet Laurier - (avenue Laurier O.) is one of the last rare fine delis in Montreal. You can find French exclusive foods and also some products of Quebec. They are especially known for their big oil and chocolate selection.

    5. Arthur Quentin - (rue St-Denis) is a must to offer or buy kitchen accessories. You will certainly find something here which will satisfy you!

    6. Boutique Vestibule - (St-Laurent blvd in Mile-End) proposes a great selection of clothing and decoration accessories carefully selected. Everything in this cute little shop is showcased in a clean, feminine and timeless way. We can also find locally made products.

    7. À Table tout le monde - (St-Paul O. in Old Montreal)
    This shop is famous for its selection of dishes handmade or factory made in small series. We appreciate the refined materials presented: porcelain, wood, pottery. You will surely have an original table!

    8. YUL Designs - (St-Laurent blvd in Mile-End) is a space where various Montreal designs meet. We can find mostly daily products such as water bottles, Aquaovo filters, wooden accessories, soaps (the Ramacieri Soligo rosemary hand soaps can be found here!), and other gift ideas for the whole family.

    9. Boutiquel Lowell - (St-Laurent blvd in Mile-End) is an original shop that offers mainly their handmade urban bag collection. All the products presented, be it clothing, accessories or jewellery are made from local and international designers and share the same values: local production, responsible materials, durability, timelessness and hard work.

    10. Kash & Lana -, is an online shop specialized in high quality scarves made of cashmere, wool, cotton and linen, silk and modal. This Montreal-based company is engaged in sustainable and fair fashion. The house collection, Kash & Lana, gives back $0.60 on the dollar to the artists who make these beautiful scarves all over the world.

    So there you have it! You are now equipped with a list of places to buy your gifts. As for us, Ramacieri Home offers linen bath towels, cotton pompom blankets made in Morocco, and rosemary and olive oil hand soaps. All of these are available at our boutique. Enjoy your shopping!


    Rosemary Hand Soaps

    Did you know that rosemary fragrance has been used since the XVIth century? As a matter of fact, many scientists have researched and analyzed the therapeutic and medicinal virtues of rosemary. They have discovered that it is a natural antibacterial agent and that it eliminates odors. Ramacieri Soligo Home presents its new soap pump collection, made from rosemary essential oils and olive oil, completely designed and manufactured locally. The soap contains no phthalates and is made from mild surfactants (foaming agents) derived from coconut. Ideal for the kitchen or the bathroom, Ramacieri Soligo's hand soaps are offered in three different editions (500ml, 27$). On sale now at our boutique!


    Medina: more cement tiles

    It is while on a short stay in Paris that Catherine discovers the Moroccan cement tiles. As she was getting her hair done in a salon of the Marais district, she noticed the floor and instantly fell in love. It was a floor covered with typical oriental style tiles in tones of grey. Immediately she asked where she could get these tiles? Only the owner knew, she was told, and she was out of the country at the moment. After many phone call attempts and unanswered emails, Catherine persisted and finally gets a contact in Morocco. Two years after seeing the tiles in the salon, the same tiles were also installed in the offices of Ramacieri Soligo in Montreal. Since then, she has developed a strong business relationship with the Moroccan tile supplier, and together they create exclusive collections for Ramacieri Soligo and Soligo, in Quebec city.

    The most recent cement collection includes more patterns and colours. Catherine got inspired by the classical floral patterns, but for a more modern context. A more varied geometry with different shapes and lines can also be found in tones of grey, black, ecru, tender green, clear blue and navy blue.

    This story of acquisition for the cement tiles, now called Medina, illustrates well the tenacious spirit of the Ramacieri Soligo team to distinguish itself in the tile industry.



    Newly added to our Ramacieri Home collection, the Pompom blankets offer an elegant and rustic look. Each one of them is hand woven in a traditional Moroccan technique. Our models, all made 100% of high quality cotton, vary in sizes and can be used as bed-covers or throws. These blankets add an element of softness in a saturated decor, and a masculine touch in a refined decor. They are available in white, ecru, gray, chestnut or black, in solid or with stripes. We also have a choice of cushions and mats. Whether they are spread on a bed or placed on a chair, these pompom blankets will charm you and warm you!

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    Crew Café

    Located at 360 St-Jacques, in the former Royal Bank headquarters, the Crew Café now offers a coworking space for creators, artists and entrepreneurs.

    What was known then as the highest skyscraper, the Royal Bank building was built in 1928 by York & Sawyer, pioneer architects at the time in North America for the design of banks. Typical of the 1920s, this building's envelop and interior is rich in Renaissance, Florentine Gothic and Roman influences.

    More recently, this patrimonial gem became the first existing building in Old Montreal to receive the LEED certification.

    With its new revamped look, the old bank has received a second wind with Crew Café, or Crew Collective, its new tenant. This grandiose, dreamy space is definitely a location to discover for brunch, savour one of their numerous coffees, to do business, or to simply admire the architecture!

    Linen Linen


    Linen in all seasons

    We have all used cotton bath towels in our lives, right? What about linen?

    This anti-bacterial natural fiber differs from cotton on many levels. In particular, the elasticity of the linen fiber is twice greater than cotton, and three times more than wool. Also, thanks to its parallel fiber structure, linen remains more resistant and robust than cotton. For these characteristics alone, linen is such a durable fabric that it is often considered a piece of heritage passed down from generation to generation.

    Linen is commonly found in the kitchen as a table cloth, napkins or tea towels. However, linen has been used for centuries as bed sheets and bath towels as well. Linen absorbs water up to 20 times its weight making it a perfect accessory for the bath. Plus, linen becomes softer the more it gets washed and even ironed!

    At Ramacieri Soligo, we fell under the charm of this natural fiber and are now offering a linen bath collection made in Canada. We have in stock two sizes: 28x52" and 30x52" in white, grey and beige.
    Visit our boutique and discover this new linen collection which you can adopt in summer like in winter!

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    A Culinary session at Must Société

    We were present at the latest culinary experience at the "Cuisines STEAM" space at Must Société in Griffintown this Wednesday . Many thanks to Éric Corbeil, Maude Button and Michele Forgione, as well as all their collaborators for this great evening.

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    Must Société Griffintown

    This is "Must Société", a concept store bringing together furniture, kitchen accessories, a florist, and even a lovely bakery, all under one roof. The space of about 20,000 square feet will propel you into a sublime environment, where the faultless atmosphere definitely leaves us with the impression of being in any large city of the world. Certainly a reference in terms of retail in Montreal. We are extremely proud to have participated in our way to this creation reminding us of the most beautiful merchants of SOHO.

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    9 New colours for Farrow & Ball

    Adding new colours to our thoughtfully created palette takes time and consideration. All of our colours have meaning and their own unique story, each needs to work in harmony with our existing colours and of course, look beautiful in both modern and traditional homes.

    From soft neutrals and muted pastels, to strong brights and rich dark tones, the nine new colours feel like natural additions to our palette. Use them to design the perfect colour scheme for your own home as they are ideal for turning your space into a sanctuary, lifting spirits and creating optimistic interiors.

    Like all of our paint, our nine new colours have been made with passion and care in Dorset, England using the finest ingredients and rich pigments to produce our distinctive colours and finishes.

    Here's a glimpse of three of them, from top to bottom : Drop cloth, Peignoir, Vardo

    For more info these and the 6 other colors, please consult our social media platforms.

    Source: Farrow and Ball

    In the news


    Earlier this week, our team was in Valencia, Spain, to stay posted on what's new in the tile world. The visit was totally worth it as many new products will enter our wide selection. Stay tuned as these collections will soon be available in store and on the web!

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    A wonderful year full of new projects

    Ramacieri Soligo would like to wish you all the best for 2016. Thank you for showing trust in our company. Health, prosperity and many new projects!


    The Pinocchi collection

    This month, we are proud to introduce a fairly audacious product according to many, but still much appreciated by the majority. The Pinocchi is composed of a few different reproductions of wood finishes, but this time, not at its natural state, but rather imitating some of its already transformed states. Here, a brief overview of the collection which will soon be fully shown in our catalogue.

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    Farrow & Ball Event in Toronto

    Last week, our friends at Farrow and Ball were throwing their annual event to recompensate the stockists' efforts ptomoting the brand across Canada. Our " F & B Champion " Marilou was representing our company and even brought home a prize, given to the stockist who had the best "Outreach" this year. Many thanks to Jason and David for the trust they've put in us and thank you Marilou for being such a great ambassador as always.

    *Marilou on a mission
    *Jason Cass, Marilou G. Levac and David Lockwood for F & B
    *Our prize

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    Sirene Blue Resort

    We are back this week with this inspiring place located in Greece, the "SIRENE BLUE RESORT" in Poros.
    This splendid hotel built on a cliff and surrounded by an oasis of calabrian pines offers superb view of the Saronic Gulf.
    This hotel was designed by Alex Valveris who not only made it an even more charming place, but also masterfully incorporated the TIERRAS Collection by Mutina.

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    Big event at Céramique Décor

    We would like to take a moment to thank our partners at Céramique Décor in Quebec City for this wonderful event which took place in their beautiful showroom this past Tuesday. Unveiling this immense room entirely dedicated to Mutina, the renowned Italian tile manufacturer and also innaugurating their brand new Farrow & Ball space showing off the wonderful paint colours and splendid wall-papers.

    Thanks again for this great event.

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    A Swiss chalet like no other

    For several years now, Remodelista directory member Jonathan Tuckey of Jonathan Tuckey Design has been leading a double life. Based in London, where his firm is known for its inventive overhauls of old buildings, he's also been busy remodeling vacation houses and designing performance spaces in the historic Swiss mountain village of Andermatt, where he now has a satellite office. He and his wife, Annabel, and their two kids also have a home base in the center of town, Halbhaus (Half House), a 17th-century timber-frame chalet that Tuckey transformed into the ultimate Alpine getaway, a few English comforts included. And when they're not in residence, it's available as a vacation rental.

    Article by Margot Guralnick (Remodelista)
    Photos via Jonathan Tuckey Design


    Cofoco restaurant in Copenhagen

    This restaurant's concept was thought by Norm Architects. Its nature is based on italian tradition in a scandinavian way of life. The experience will make the locals travel all while feeling comfortable in a known environment. The yellow and light blue accents truly give the place a south of italy character, and the marriage with the simple and imperfect typical scandinavian architecture are an exact demonstration of its authors tendencies.

    We love the atmosphere and the vibe of this restaurant, not to mention the exquisite mosaïc on the floor, a classic!



    Renovation of a TV production in Madrid

    This wonderful renovation masterfully incorporating the Azulej collection is the creation of AGI Architecture and Design Firm. These are the offices of the first independant TV production in Spain, Prointel.
    Founded in 1970 by Chicho Ibáñez Serrador,and situated amongst residential buildings and small businesses, the Madrid-based office was updated for modern times while honoring the founder’s spirit.

    Collection Azulej from Mutina by Patricia Urquiola :

    article original: Design Milk


    Apartment in Turin

    Andrea is the co-founder of "l'Ufficio di Architectura (UdA), the italian architecture community of the moment. Here, he opens the doors to his recently renovated apartment in Turin. The projects he endorses, in collaboration with Adelaide Testa, perfectly show the synergy between architecture and design. In this apartment,we can clearly denote a strong blend of styles, capable of creating something unexpected. A lot of elements of his creation stand out by their originality and diversity, among others, 4 colors from Farrow & Ball were used to cover most of the walls.

    #92 Castle Grey -
    #246 Cinder Rose -
    #82 Dix Blue -
    #86 Stone Blue.

    Article :

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    A fabulous penthouse in N.Y.


    Robert de Niro's little haven

    This amazing penthouse situed on New York's own Greenwich Hotel's last floor will leave you breathless and make you feel like you are anywhere but in N.Y.
    The astonishing result is the works of belgian designer Axel Vervoordt and japanese interior architect Tatsuro Miki.

    pictures by photograph David Prince for Vanity Fair, via Remodelista.

    In the news

    June 18th Event

    Last Thursday, a memorable evening was taking place in our showroom. We take this moment to thank everyone who came by, it couldn't have been this great without you. More than 400 people took part in that event which was the window to unveil our new cement tiles models as well as the latest creation by Patricia Urquiola "TIERRAS" for Mutina. Furthermore , the Farrow & Ball team were on site to officialize our association. Not to mention that our brand new website was also being launched!
    We couldn't thank you enough!


    Cement tiles

    This month we are introducing 6 new patterns to our cement tiles collection. We are also adding a solid beige color. Please consult our product section for more information.

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    Commerce Design Montreal

    Ramacieri Soligo is proud to have been selected as one of the top 20 shops at the "Commerce Design Montréal 2015" contest. Many thanks to the jury, the city of Montreal as well as all the contest's committee. Special thanks to Alain Carle Architect and our in house development team. They managed through time, in a great teamwork effort, to keep the always evolving company's values and philosophy.

    Congratulations to all the other winners:

    Au Pain Doré (naturehumaine architecture & design), Bar Big in Japan (Cabinet Braun-Braën), Boulangerie Guillaume (L. McComber), Cahier d’exercices (Saucier + Perrotte Architectes), Cuisines Steam (Brigitte Boulanger pour Cuisines Steam), Galerie LeRoyer (Gupta Architecture), Kyozon (Andres Escobar & Associés), La Maison Simons à Anjou (LemayMichaud architecture design et Figure3), Le Balconier (Lafontaine Langford architectes), Manitoba (La Firme), Mesón (Surface3), Mimi la Nuit (La Firme), Mylène B (_naturehumaine architecture&design), Privé par David d’Amours (blazysgérard), Pizzeria No 900 (blazysgérard)


    Pastel toned kitchen

    A very bright kitchen. We strongly recommend the color Pigeon no.25 by Farrow and Ball. For an even fresher look, do not hesitate to put a Carrera marble mosaic on the backsplash. In a chevron pattern, why not!

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    Café Myriade

    Café Myriade, situated in the basement of Club Monaco's brand new store on Ste-Catherine street, is our own Catherine's favorite!


    House in Anvers _ by Vincent van Duysen Architecte

    Here you can see a nice appartment designed by Vincent Van Duysen For more inspirations or to see his work, please visit his website:

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    Pasta recipe

    1 head of cauliflower, chopped into small pieces
    1 15 oz can (1 1/2 cups) of chickpeas
    10 sage leaves, chopped
    2 cloves garlic, minced
    4 tbsp olive oil
    4 servings of pasta (2 cups dry)
    salt and pepper to taste
    Parmesan cheese, grated

    Preheat the oven to 400ºF.

    Place the cauliflower and chickpeas on a baking sheet.

    In a small bowl, combine the sage, garlic and oil. Drizzle over the cauliflower and chickpeas and then toss. Roast in the oven for 30 minutes, until the chickpeas are slightly crunchy, and cauliflower is soft and golden.

    Bring a large pot of water to boil. Cook the pasta until al dente.

    In a large bowl, toss the pasta with the vegetables. Add more olive oil if the pasta seems too dry. You want a nice oil sheen. Season with salt and pepper, and top with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

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    Mykonos_San Giorgio Hotel

    After nearly a decade running Mykonos’ world-famous Paradise Club, Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel have teamed up with Design Hotels™ to create San Giorgio, a singular destination for likeminded free spirits.
    The story of the San Giorgio project truly begins some 15 years ago, in the mid-90s, when two young, small-town Germans who didn’t quite fit in back home, met on the shores of Ibiza. Thomas Heyne was a former real estate student from Augsburg who had turned down a lucrative career in construction to run a nightclub in Ulm, flying in DJs and dancers from Amsterdam’s legendary It Club at a time when house music was far from the mainstream in southern Germany. Fellow Bavarian Mario Hertel had opened up a café in Bayreuth when he was 18 and eventually built up his own mini hospitality empire—a clutch of restaurants, bars, cafes, and clubs that were all a bit racy for their starchy surroundings.

“Mario did exactly the same thing in his town as I did in mine,” says Heyne, who recognized a kindred spirit. The two became instant friends and though they were running businesses in separate towns, spent the next decade traveling together and trading ideas.

Yet by the early 2000s, both men had grown frustrated by the turbulence of the industry and the perpetual pressure to compromise their creative vision.

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    Sevillan restaurant

    Donaire Arquitectos made something really nice by transforming this old house into a charming restaurant. It's style is very rustic using natural materials such as wood and stone. The furniture is also rustic and in perfect harmony with the rest of this concept and the city's acceptance. The tiling also seems to be the original one. The kitchen on the other side, is a lot more modern but stays very elegant and subtle.

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    Established in 2005, Morihata International is dedicated to finding the highest quality Japanese luxury products and making them available to the global market. We share traditional and contemporary Japanese aesthetics through a highly curated collection of products for home, kitchen, office and bath. The japanese quality of our products comes from the superior craftmanship, tigelles design and tactile sensibilité of materials.