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    Kast concrete Basin

    Customizable design, colors and patterns.

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    Concrete is a unique material that combines the organic characteristics of natural stone as well as the possibility of being molded into any shape. With the character of its sophisticated models, and its colors, Kast series has been designed to make the most of these properties.

    Each product is made to order in UK. The range offers customizable options for size, color and style, allowing each sink to tailor designs for a perfect match in a build.

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    Kast concrete Basin

    Lowinfo was founded 15 years ago when London-trained fine arts graduate Tim Bayes began exploring ways to use concrete in contemporary interiors. This “liquid stone” is strong, durable and aesthetically pure, making it the ideal material for interior surfaces.

    The Kast range is the product of this rich experience, making the most of concrete formwork. Designers and manufacturers join forces to continually innovate, offering a versatile range that pushes the boundaries of concrete use, while bringing an artistic vision to each product.

    From the design stage to manufacturing, the team applies its in-depth knowledge of materials and processes to realize customers' concepts, no matter how complex.