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    Pure & Original

    Unique, matte finish with streaked or cloudy effect

    Using traditional methods, Pure & Original makes 100% natural, sustainable, environment-friendly and affordable alternative paints for beautifying any interior.

    Fresco has a unique matte finish and a subtle colour palette. It creates a streaked or cloudy effect depending on brush motions during application. Tint variations occur naturally during drying, thanks to a reaction between the product’s ingredients and water. Unlike other products on the market, this lime-based paint is available in pre-mixed gallons and requires only a brush to apply.


    More than 100 colors


    Sample 250mL ,1L, 2.5L

    Approximative Coverage

    28 ft2, 108 ft2, 270 ft2


    Moisture regulating, 100% Natural, Eco-Friendly


    It is strongly recommended to use Pure & Original WallPrim, and depending on the type of surface, Dead Flat Eco Sealer may be required

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    Pure & Original

    Pure et Original, a family business of Belgian origin, creates paint with rich, natural pigments, using high-quality ingredients and materials. Production techniques meet the most stringent environmental requirements.

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    Liccetto, and Classico, matte-finish paints for walls
    Carrazzo, for floor applications
    Fresco and Marrakech, lime-based paints

    Old Linen - Marrakech Walls


    Pure & Original


    Pure & Original


    Pure & Original


    Pure & Original

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