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    The bath by Rubi

    • RCT170YBN - Bain autoportant Yao

      RCT170YBN - Bain autoportant Yao

    • RCT150Y - Bain autoportant Yao

      RCT150Y - Bain autoportant Yao

    • RCT170MI - Bain autoportant Mia

      RCT170MI - Bain autoportant Mia

    • Bain autoportant ovale

      Bain autoportant ovale

    • RCT170E - Bain autoportant Eve

      RCT170E - Bain autoportant Eve

    Elegant and comfortable, the Rubi bathtub is renowned for its pure lines. You will undoubtedly find one that suits your style and your personality among the six models available in store. Each of them allows you to create an ideal environment for relaxation while adding a luxurious touch to your bathroom.



    Founded more than 40 years ago, Rubi imports, markets, distributes and sells exclusive faucets and bathroom fixtures across Canada. Serving architects, designers and other professionnels of our industry, Rubi offers a vast array of faucets for kitchen and bathrooms, shower fixturtes, kitchen sinks and bathroom furniture and appliances. At Ramacieri Soligo, we are proud to have Rubi as our home brand.

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