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    Pure & Original

    Matt, powdery look, as if the space is covered with velvet.

    Classico Chalk Paint is suitable for furniture and walls. It provides a matt, powdery, soft look, as if the space is covered with velvet, and creates an atmosphere that is both warm and commanding, even in delicate tones.

    This product can be applied easily, like any standard wall paint, with a roller, brush or sprayer. The primer is not necessary if the surface to be covered is in good condition, however, we recommend the use of Pure & Original Wallprim for best results.


    More than 100 colors


    Sample 250mL ,1 Liter, 2.5 Liters

    Approximative Coverage

    32 ft2, 129 ft2, 323 ft2

    Retail Price

    25$, 54$, 115$


    Non-toxic, Eco-friendly


    Highly recommended to use P&O Dead Flat Eco Sealer, if surfaces are direclty exposed to water or grease splatter

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    Pure & Original

    Pure et Original, a family business of Belgian origin, creates paint with rich, natural pigments, using high-quality ingredients and materials. Production techniques meet the most stringent environmental requirements.

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    Pure & Original


    Pure & Original


    Pure & Original


    Pure & Original

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