Marilou G. Levac

Senior Showroom Representative | F&B Specialist

Marilou has earned a degree in environmental design and loves outdoor activities. Who is her favorite designer? Mother Nature. Although she likes to be outdoors, she embraces her urban side. London, with its authentic character, is one of her favorite cities.

_What is your favorite spot in general?
My favorite spots are the ones where conversations flow: around a table, in a hallway, in doorframes. I love our big offices at Ramacieri Soligo, because that is where beautiful projects come to life.

_Among all the tiles that you offer, which one is your favorite?
I really like our cement tiles, because they blend well with everything. They are also very classy and stylish.

_What are you reading at the moment?
La vie devant soi, written by Romain Gary (Émile Ajar).

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