Gianni Ramacieri

ceo & co-founder

Full of passions and ideas, this young 3rd generation entrepreneur has the ability to surround himself with dynamic and creative people. By being brought up within the design industry, he chooses to perfect his knowledge by studying marketing in order to pursue his family’s tradition.In 2004 he will co-found the company’s new chapter in association with the Soligo family. He loves to think of an idea and then figure out who he’ll surround himself with to make it happen. His family being strongly involved in Montreal’s development in the 70’s and 80’s, he cannot go around a few of its amazing architecture; His favourite building: The Westmount Square, and the one that he finds the most impressive: The Sunlife building.

_What’s your favourite city?
I love cities in general, L.A. comes on top, I love how it stays sophisticated within its very eclectic style, close runners would have to be New York, London and Rome.

_You cannot go without?
I’m actually a big collector of sneakers! I’d also have a hard time to get rid of my Apple devices…

_Your favorite bathroom fixture?
It has to be the Fukusawa series by Fantini

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